Q: What are our payment methods?

A: We pay only via FaucetHub wallet. Create a FaucetHub account here. More payment methods will be provided in future.

Q: I have reached the minimum level of withdrawal and my payment isn't processed. Why?

A: Currently we are running on low balance. Captcha will pay us around 15th of September 2019. Then until the balance become low all payments will be processed instantly. However, we have processed with a couple of payments so you can check it out if it is yours. We are kindly apologise though for our inconvenience and we suggest you to be more patient.

Q: Are we a gambling site?

A: SpeedShatoshi is NOT a gamabling site!!!All games are played with virtual currency and the user can't put any amount of money from his own credit card or btc wallet.This is due to unclear regulations that is not published yet in our country. However, this may change in the future!!

Q: Who are we?

A: SpeedShatoshi is a newly founded & very promising website. It was founded in 2019 by our leader-developer. As you see this faucet is all about collecting Satoshi or Ethereum (Beta mode) by solving captcha & clicking at Shortlinks or ads.You can check also our games:cryptoballoon & rainbow colour to increase your amount by trying your luck on them. Stay tuned.... More features are coming asap.

Q: What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

A: Currently, the minimum withdrawal amount is 20k satoshi.

Q: Where can i contact you?

A: For more questions or problems do not hesitate to contact us at social media or at our email below: 1. Facebook 2. Instagram 3. Twitter 4.Email us at:

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